How do i apply this?

The application of SNOcoat is very simple and easy, you can view the instructions here.

Will it harm my base?No. SNOcoat will not harm your base at all.

Do I need to get my board/ski base grinded before this is applied?

Whilst we recommend the base being thoroughly cleaned, a base grind is optional and should be determined by the condition of the base.

Do you offer an application service?

At present we do not, but this may change in the future.

How long will it last?

Depending on the style of riding and conditions, up to 12 months.

Does it work on dryslope?

Depending on the condition of the slope, SNOcoat will work on dryslope.

Once applied, how do I clean my board with SNOcoat on it ?

Cleaning is very easy, using a cleaning solution, like an "all purpose cleaner" and a scrubbing brush (plastic) you can easily clean the base in minutes.

Can it be removed or is it permanent?

It can be removed and over time it will naturally wear away as SNOcoat is a sacrificial layer.

How fast will it make my board/skis?

SNOcoat will make your base feel like its just been waxed and in most cases better/faster for longer.

It worked at first but now feels slower, why is that?

Possibly the base has become dirty, so you should clean the base using a cleaning solution (see above) or SNOcoat has worn away over time and use and will need to be reapplied.

Do I need to put wax on top of SNOcoat?

No, wax will remove all the benefits associated with SNOcoat.

Do I need to buy online?

At this stage yes, directly through ourselves at www.SNOcoat.com or press HERE

Does it work on all snowboards/skis?

Yes, results may vary depending on the grading and condition of the base.