About us

Hello, we’re SNOcoat

We’ve made it our mission to help skiers and snowboarders go faster and also spend more time on the slopes by spending less time maintaining their skis and boards.

We started in 2014 with our founder, Robert Turner, looking for ways to improve the performance of his boards, and reduce the amount of time spent waxing and maintaining. Robert is a qualified Snowboard Instructor and he kept hearing the same message from friends and clients. They wanted to improve their speed and they wanted more of their precious time on the slopes.

After two years of experimentation trying to develop the right product formula we now have the product we proudly offer – SNOcoat. The product has been tried and tested (previously under the name Vcoat) by snowsport fans of all abilities from novices up to professional athletes and the feedback is always the same. AMAZING!

Our Philosophy

We believe that you improve your performance and develop your skills better by spending more time on the slopes not by spending time waxing, scraping off and finishing. SNOcoat lets you do just that. Pick up your board or skis and go. Afterwards just wash them off and you’re ready to go again!

We also believe that the only limit to your speed should be your ability. For those that can handle more speed SNOcoat will not limit your ability to go faster.

Be part of a new generation of faster, better, smarter riders.

"Dont be left behind!"